Friday, December 3, 2010

Personal | Marriage, A Move, & A Re-ignited Blog


It's possible that I might be the world's worst blogger, as of now. Or maybe, I'm one of the world's most common bloggers - similar to many of you. One who knows a blog is a great idea, especially when it comes to the photography business, but who doesn't necessarily have the shiny blog they WANT, yet, so decides to put it off until that beautiful day arrives....

That was my reason, and it seemed so logical. Except that I've missed out on being able to write about and document SO many wonderful photoshoots and particularly meaningful moments in my life over these past many months because of the blogging neglect. And with the New Year coming up, and everyone beginning talk of their resolutions, I decided that if this is something I want to get better at starting January 1st, why wouldn't I just start now?

So, I am. Or, at least attempting. And what better way than with a quick rundown of my life in the months that are lacking on here?

  • Celebrated 1 year with my love!
  • Planned our wedding some more
  • Shot the wedding of a dear friend, the first without a 2nd shooter or assistant - and it went smashingly!
  • Shot another wedding for dear friends on my sister's birthday
  • More wedding planning
  • Went to Ireland! with Aimee as our last sister hurray before I got married
  • Did my first double-wedding weekend with the help of my amazing partner-in-crime
  • Shot two more weddings the following two weekends (the one in Richmond being my first time to finally get to work with this fabulous curly girl)
  • Went to my first ever Colts game!
  • Survived the busiest, craziest month of my life
  • Began to get very ill at the end, though...
  • Stayed very ill until the day before my wedding
  • Barely had any energy, but felt amazing ON my wedding day (praise the Lord!)
  • Married my best friend on November 6th
  • Went to Jamaica for a week!
  • Moved to Midlothian, VA
  • Went to Indiana to be with my family for Thanksgiving
  • Where my husband broke my brother's finger (thanks, football)
  • Finally getting really settled into my new home (and learning how excited one can get over curtains, pots & pans, place mats or towels)
  • Missing snow, but enjoying life in Virgina and as a wife
  • Loving being near dear friends of all kinds
  • So happy to be inundated with Christmas music and holiday cheer
  • Excited about all of the things I can do to make my business successful in a new state
And THAT has pretty much been my life. Very eventful, very amazing, remarkably blessed. I'm a lucky girl.


  1. Sooooooo very proud of you!! For blogging, and for being, and for doing, and for everything Tori-ness.

  2. Wow, That's one busy Year~ I'll be getting married myself next summer, and any newly-wed advice would be amazing! Can't wait to see your pictures, there ALL so amazing!

  3. What about Ireland?!
    What a wonderful life you have, Mrs. Watson! Yay for documenting it!