Monday, June 27, 2011

Marvelous Mondays | Aimee Bontreger

I love weekends. And I really love when Mondays are occasionally an extension of the weekend. I mean, who doesn't want to lounge by the pool, do a little shopping and get their nails done all on a Monday afternoon when they'd normally be working? I, for one, would take that opportunity any day of the week.

AND, as it happens, today has been exactly that. Why? Well, not because I own my own business and can set my own schedule (no, honestly, I don't do this every Monday), but rather because my super awesome sister and my equally fabulous cousin drove all the way from Indiana to hang out with me for a few days! This, people, makes me happy. I love these two a TON and our time together is always filled with much laughter, moments of spontaneous movie quote-age, random bursts of song and always-enjoyable heart-to-hearts.

So, this brings me to today's truly follow-worthy feature:

Aimee (66)

Sure, I may be biased in thinking my sister is very talented and a tremendously gifted (not to mention witty) writer. But, I'm most definitely not alone in those sentiments. She's committed to blogging every single day, and because of that you'll find quite the variety of subjects sprinkled throughout her posts. From the conspiracy of midwestern windmills, to interviews with noteworthy and talented individuals, to dream interpretations and exciting real-life experiences, Aimee's blog is sure to have something for everyone. Her writing ability is truly remarkable and her unique personality is pretty much like none other. I love the real, in-person individual that she is, but now that we live in other states and often have long distance communication, I love that her blog is a place to keep up with her latest musings and catch continual glimpses into her personality, thoughts and humor. So, without further ado, head on over to her blog and start reading! (And then follow her on Twitter and tell her how awesome & hilarious she is. :)

And furthermore, enjoy the rest of your marvelous Monday! I know I shall. :)

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