Thursday, December 22, 2011

Personal | A Warm & Married Christmas

So, I don't know about you other recently-wedded folks, but there's something equally as exciting to me about spending my second married Christmas with the man of my dreams as there was my first one, last year. Maybe (hopefully) this is how it's supposed to be - and will always be - richer and more exciting with EACH passing year. That's what I hope, and if this year is telling at all for the years to come, I think it will be...

In addition to being the second Christmas I get to experience as a Watson, it's also the second Christmas I'll be experiencing in Florida. Which, as you may guess, is a drastically different feel than that of an Indiana Christmas. Thankfully, though, the closeness of family and the quality time spent with them is very much the same feeling I've always known growing up. I love my in-laws to pieces, and if it takes parting with the proverbial white Christmas (that I will still always be dreaming of) to spend the holiday with them, then it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

So, if anyone is lucky enough to play in the snow this Saturday, send some chilly thoughts our way as we'll be sipping iced beverages by the pool and/or lake and looking at lot like this...


That expression pretty much sums up how Aaron feels about all of the Christmassy aspects of the music, movies, shopping, decorations, pictures being taken...he really ONLY likes the part about getting to be with family. But I guess if he's going to choose just one, that's a good one. (It goes without saying, of course, that he likes the part about Jesus, best of all. Just fyi.)

We leave bright and early tomorrow to brave the 14-hour drive to the golden land of palm trees and Watsons. So, wish us luck, send us texts, say prayers, and mostly....have the BEST Christmas ever and enjoy time with YOUR families!



  1. Have a lot of fun! Be safe in your travels. We have had 30+ Christmases, I told Perry the other day, "I just like spending more time with you" the lovey dovey feelings never change. I hope and pray the same for you and your sweet hubby. Merry Christmas.

  2. aww, thank you! that's encouraging to hear. :) i hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas, too!

  3. We're spending out fifth Christmas together this year and I can't even describe how much my feelings for him have grown since the first year. I truly believe it is supposed to be like this. Merry Christmas!

  4. Yay for second Christmases! You didn't miss a white Christmas in Indiana, that's for sure. If it's not white, than I'd rather be in a warm location too!