Monday, February 28, 2011

Goals | March

(Photo actually taken at a Starbucks in Ireland, because I only have my phone with me today...)

As I sit in Starbucks just a few minutes from my apartment on this decidedly warm, but ever-growing-gray day, I've been getting some emails sent out and making lists of things that need to be done. I've already been to and from the accountant's office to pick up county tax forms that need to be mailed by tomorrow, to and from the Post Office to mail them, and to the UPS office to return some adorable shoes that were unfortunately too big (but don't worry, I'm getting them in a half size smaller and all will be wonderful with Tori's shoe-world again :). It's a typical Monday for me in the sense that no Monday is ever quite the same. I have yet to figure out a good weekly schedule, and even when I think I have, inevitably things come up that need to be done on Monday that weren't planned for. Perhaps I'll just keep Mondays my "miscellaneous" days so that no matter what, it's always on schedule.... Not a bad idea, right? I kind of like the ring that "Miscellaneous Monday" has to it...

At any rate, back to me sitting here. In Starbucks. Where I happen to be wearing my favorite bright yellow skirt, with bright coral colored nails, favorite antique-store-find teal ring, and semi-bright teal shoes - all of which is irrelevant information except for the fact that sometimes I just need to be happy and inspired by what I'm wearing, and today I am. Which is especially nice since the sun isn't shining, and rain is starting to fall (or downpour). So, I'm happy for the wardrobe choice I made today, and sometimes its those little things that make an otherwise miscellaneous and gray Monday, a happy day in its own right.


But, to the REAL point of this blog post. While sitting in this aforementioned coffee shop, I was inspired to take after a fellow local photographer, Katelyn James Alsop, in crafting a monthly list of goals - both personal and business - and making it a point to share them at the beginning of the month on here, and then follow up at the end to see how I did. Of course the point isn't that I'm a failure if I don't get them all done, it's to just give me motivation and organization for the thoughts/goals that go through my head but often get jumbled and forgotten if they're not written down. Katelyn's model is great, and I always enjoy reading about her goals and accomplishments, so I figured, why not just follow suit? So, thanks for the inspiration and motivation, Katelyn. :)

Thus, allow me to introduce my list of goals for March (which, if you didn't realize, starts TOMORROW! It's crazy how this year is flying by, already...). Keep in mind, I prefer attainable goals, so, in plenty of ways I'm aiming low. But hey, it's a place to start, and the hope is that things will progress as the months progress.

  • Workout 4 times a week
  • Research "couponing" and try to come up with a system that will work for me
  • Hang the bulletin board I recently made & decorate with photos
  • Make at least 4 meals without the input/help of my husband (who is much more of a foodie than I am, and very talented at cooking, so its easy to rely on him to come up with meals - but instead, I want to start trying to impress him. :)
  • Have "girl time" with different friends at least 4 times
  • Order my wedding album
  • Finish writing all wedding Thank-Yous
  • Mail Thank-Yous
  • Catch up on editing & posting personal photos (from all the way back in November/December)
  • Get a tan while chilling on the beach in FLORIDA with my sister and cousin :)
  • Sort receipts from January & February
  • Blog at least 2 times a week (yes, aiming low...hopefully I'll get faithful with at least THAT and then move onward and upward)
  • Sort at least 3 weddings and pick favorite photos
  • Submit at least 3 weddings to be featured on wedding blogs
  • Finish picking photos for my sample wedding album
  • Order sample wedding album
  • Research workshop/conference opportunities coming up this year
So there we go! I think it's a pretty decent, yet attainable list, and hopefully at the end of this month I'll be able to say I accomplished most or all of it. We shall see.... :)

Happy Monday, everyone. Hope you enjoy the last lingering moments of February, 2011!


  1. Mmm such a good post. I love our yellow skirts :)

  2. Tori, you are one of the greats for sure.
    Beautiful skirt and ring. :)
    I admire that you're sharing the start of your reformation of lifestyle- not only with your time but with expanding your skill ie. cooking for your husband. ;] I have been doing alot of the same sort of learning and mastering of my time and resources. Thanks for sharing. :) It's very encouraging to read. :)

  3. *I* want to see you in your yellow skirt, teal shoes and ring, and coral nail polish... and drink coffee at Starbucks with you while you edit photos...
    And I love your goals and can't wait to see how they all turn out at the end of the month. Makes me think maybe I should set some monthly goals... :)