Sunday, April 24, 2011

Personal | Happy Easter!

I know I've been failing at my blogging goals (again) this month. But the fact that I blog significantly more, now, than I did at this point a year ago is still progress in my mind...

But, what I really came here to say was Happy Easter, my friends! I truly hope each of you has enjoyed a beautiful, blessed day with loved ones - reflecting on and cherishing, most of all, the love and salvation that comes from a risen, ALIVE Savior. I'm grateful that today, and every day, I'm made worthy in the sight of the Lord because of what was accomplished on the cross. And furthermore, what was made complete by the resurrection. What a beautiful cause for celebration!

I'm grateful, as well, for this first Easter spent with my husband! (Quick self-portrait taken before church this morning - don't mind the hair eating my face, or Aaron's skeptical look. Both are pretty common...)


AND grateful for family-away-from-family (we love you Shanks/Haggards! :)

I missed seeing my own family today, but I'm happy knowing I get to see them this weekend and am mostly just amazed by all the many ways God loves and blesses me. May YOU all feel loved and blessed, as well!


  1. Love the picture... face-eating-hair and skepticism included. ;)

  2. Haha -- very cute portrait. Lots'o personality!

  3. So happy you chose to spend your first Easter together having dinner with us, your Virginia family. (Love your pic, too!)

  4. you look amazing! may i ask what camera you used and the lens? :)

  5. thanks! i used a canon 5D mark II with a 50 mm 1.4 lens :)