Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weddings | Personality-Filled Details

I love shooting weddings for friends, especially when those friends are as wonderful and lively as the Blake family. From Courtney, the bride, to her parents, brothers AND sisters....the whole family is just packed with spunk, personality, hilarity and wit. And her brand new husband, Scott, seems to be pretty spunky, himself.

All of which made for one heck of a fun wedding today (well, technically yesterday, now....)

And while I most definitely should be going to bed, now, so that I'm not tired for church tomorrow, I just wanted to share two fun shots, because I LOVE when the wedding party has an aspect of personality-filled details that create a spunky opportunity for memorable photos.

And these guys, certainly had just that.



If all groomsmen could be that awesome, and that wonderfully dressed, I'd be a happy photographer.

Today was absolutely wonderful, but I'll blog in more depth about Scott & Courtney's wedding later. For now, enjoy the inspiration for adding fun wardrobe details to YOUR wedding, or heck, just your regular life. A bit of pattern and a lot of color can't help but do the heart good. :)

Happy weekend, friends. Hope you're enjoying it!