Monday, July 25, 2011

Marvelous Mondays | The Journey: By Miss Elaini

While having coffee with my dear friend Lydia last week we got on the subject of clothes and fashion - which, being two females who enjoy our clothes, is probably not surprising. But, somewhere in the course of that conversation she mentioned to me a blog where this girl had committed to wearing the SAME dress for 100 days in some way to raise money for a charity. She couldn't remember all of the details, but the fashion challenge alone was enough to fascinate me, let alone knowing that it was somehow linked with a good cause. So when Lydia sent me the actual link to the blog today, I knew it was something I wanted to share.


Meet Miss Elaini. She started this blog about her Journey to bring awareness and raise money for orphans in India. But instead of just pleading with people to donate, she chose to DO something that would not only keep her focus on her mission but be a bloggable adventure that could be followed by anyone interested in helping her achieve her goal. She committed to wearing the same black dress for 100 days in order to represent the fact that most children in India only have one outfit, and that the focus of this goal is to raise money so that they can afford a school uniform and have the chance to further their lives through even basic education. I LOVE that she's utilizing something I enjoy, which is fashion, to bring focus and passion for a greater cause. Go check out her blog, read her personal story, and please consider donating to support her efforts. People like her inspire, encourage, and challenge me to look at my life and realize that there are SO many ways I can make a difference in this world if I'm just willing to be creative and give of my time and talents.

May her journey challenge, encourage and inspire you all today, too. Happy Monday!

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