Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Personal | The Beauty of Calm & Consistent

Sometimes I have days where I just feel overwhelmed. Not defeated, not hopeless, not even stressed....just, overwhelmed. Usually in part by the amount of things that I need to accomplish for my clients, my business and my life, and in part by the things life throws at me that are completely out of my control.

Sometimes those things are incredibly deep, emotional, and hard to understand. Like the untimely death of a young man, through an accident that no one could predict or prevent. When sadness like this touches my life - even in a distant way, but personally affecting many people that I hold dear -sometimes I don't know how to just go on living and managing all the things on my plate.

But it's when I reach the state of this kind of overwhelming thought and feeling that I'm beyond grateful to be able to look to the One who more than knows what to do with all of the things set before me. All of the things that I'm responsible for, all of the things I feel ill-equipped to handle, and all of the things I can't understand and can't control. It's the reassurance of His all-knowing, all-understanding and all-loving ways that remind me I don't have to try to figure out how to juggle things that overwhelm me. I just need to look to Him, one day at a time, and walk in the grace and peace He freely and overwhelmingly provides to cover over even the most confusing life situations.

Today, I stand in immense gratitude of this grace and peace. And as I was pondering all of this, these photos of Fort Bluff, TN came to mind. The beauty and calmness of nature serve to remind me of how constant, unchanging, and stable God is. And in my life there's often nothing more amazing to me than knowing that God is a consistent, calm, stabilizing force that's the same yesterday, today and forever.












May you all be encouraged to rest in the grace and peace of the Lord, no matter what life is throwing your way today.

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