Friday, January 27, 2012

Goals | 2012

I know January is almost over, but it's been a busy month - especially these last 10 days of traveling - and I'm just NOW finding the time to sit down and share some of my goals with you.

To be honest, I find writing "2012 Goals" to be rather daunting. I started the monthly goal system last year, and I find that's much more how my brain thinks. I like to set smaller, more attainable goals as I go, instead of large, longer-term ones that are harder to see immediately accomplished. But! I know both kinds are good. So, while I didn't kill myself to make an exhaustive year-long list, I did set a few in particular that I will share with you, as well as a few of January's.

So, what am I looking to accomplish in 2012? On a personal level, here are a few things that I and/or Aaron and I together are aiming for:

  • Save Money (I know, this is "cliche", but it's where we're at. We'd like to theoretically have enough for a downpayment on a house at the end of this year!)
  • Get plugged into a community group at our church
  • Continue to set monthly goals (this is really how I feel like I accomplish things, best)
  • Read at least 10 books (I'm aware of how lame that sounds to most of you, but I'm not an avid reader, so I have to start somewhere!)
  • Become a better woman, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. (I know that's broad, but it's a perpetual, life-long goal....)
As for my business, here are some things I'm targeting in 2012:

  • Launch custom website (Yay! This one got accomplished already!)
  • Design & launch custom blog
  • Make a video for my site
  • Develop and work within a specified budget
  • Establish a more specific weekly work schedule
  • Establish a more consistent blogging routine
  • Purchase more lighting gear, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens.
  • Develop consistent packaging/gifting for my brand
  • Open a business savings account
  • Attend WPPI for the first time!
There will inevtiably be more things I add to both my personal and business goals for the year, especially as I make my monthly lists. But, this is my starting point, so I wanted to share!

Also, no post is complete without photos! So, here are some shots of the lovely waterfall that wasn't far from the amazing lodge Aaron & I were at (for a TeenPact event) last week in Oklahoma.

oklahoma waterfall_006

oklahoma waterfall_003

oklahoma waterfall_002

oklahoma waterfall_001

What are some of the things YOU'RE aiming at this year?


  1. My favorite is the down payment goal! Could this mean the Watson's are staying in Richmond!?!?! :D

  2. Where in Oklahoma was that taken? My aunt, uncle and cousin recently moved to Oklahoma and I plan to visit them out there one of these days... never been.