Friday, February 19, 2010

Of cold days, bright colors, and the bond of sisterhood.

I come from a fairly average-sized family; 2 parents, 2 siblings - 1 sister, 1 brother. I love that I have grown up with both types of siblings and have gained the benefit and joy of building friendships with both an older sister and a younger brother. But I always find it very fascinating to step into the lives of much larger families and observe the hustle and bustle, the joy and laughter, that comes with having 5, 6, 7 or 12 siblings.

One such family, over the past 6 years, has become very dear to me. Filled with 13 children - 8 girls and 5 boys, the Davey family is one of the most vibrant, fun, stable, close-knit, amazing families I've ever met and had the privilege to grow close to. The more I'm around them, the more I love them.

5 of the girls in the Davey family have become particularly close friends as I've gotten much opportunity to hang out with them over the years. [Spending countless late nights in their kitchen drinking tea and pondering the joys, complexities, and wonder of life together.] These 5 are the ones that still live relatively in the same area and wanted to do a "sister shoot" on a weekend that they'd all be together. So, on a very cold Sunday afternoon back in January we braved the cold wind and set out to capture some fun, colorful, sisterly portraits. :)

Lets take a moment and meet each of the amazing ladies:






After about an hour outside at a few different locations the girls were [rightfully so] tired of freezing. So, we did the only reasonable thing to do....and went and got coffee! There was some amazing light coming through the windows, so I decided to keep the documentation going during our break.

It was SUCH a fun shoot - but then, it always is when you get an excuse to go hang out with some of your best friends. :) [If you'd like to see some more of this shoot you can check what I have on Flickr.]

Here's to sisters, friendship, and enduring frigid temperatures to achieve some vibrant and stunning photographic results!

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