Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marvelous Mondays | Oops...

You know what's awful? To realize it's Tuesday and that just ONE WEEK after starting my first weekly blog series I've already missed the second installment of Marvelous Mondays.

Good going, Tori. Very smooth. Way to remember to post on Monday once it's the following Tuesday.

And thus marks the story of my blogging life, so far. I have great intentions, people, but it just takes me a little time to catch reality up with those intentions.

SO. Please accept my apology, and for now, lets assume it's going to be an every-other-weekly series...and that not posting yesterday was actually artistically intentional, somehow.... K? Great.

Besides, maybe I was too pre-occupied with finally posting my honeymoon photos yesterday (only 6 months after the fact...) that it distracted me from otherwise sharing something marvelous. But since my honeymoon (in Jamaica!) was marvelous, I'll leave you with a few snapshots to enjoy.









Happy end-of-Tuesday, friends! And really, there WILL be more real Marvelous Monday installments in the future...as soon as my remembering abilities catch up with all of my plans. :)


  1. *smile* I love you, Tori. It makes me feel good to know that someone as cool as you forgets sometimes, too. ;)

  2. I don't know if this will encourage you or not... when I first read that you posted another "Marvelous Monday", I thought, "Oh, yeah!" But then it felt a little like a surprise as I was reading your explanation of how you forgot to post on time. Then I had to stop and think, "Oh, yeah... it *is* Tuesday... " Apparently, I was a little unsure of what day it was. :/

  3. Love you, I love your photos! Fabulous :)